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 Cause Valentine's Day can only go so far in getting attention. 

Though to be honest, I...do not understand this fascination with needing to get with someone. To be fair, if relationships are something that is supposed to promote happiness, wouldn't it be better to wait before declaring your new 'status' as boy friend and girl friend? Maybe get to know each other first [and before you ask, I don't mean that way, you're the one that thought it >:-| ]?
I don't know, I guess I'm reading into things too much, but if you look around, you notice how a lot of things that people want and what shows up in cultural media seems to be based around the ideal of either romance or sexual lust [see the term 'shipping' for reference]. Why do we have to be so obsessed with fornicating on him/her/it? What about something different? Why not just be yourself, do what you want, all that good stuff? Why is it that whenever we even so much as look at the opposite sex, or even spend time around members of the same sex [interesting insight that was], it is immediately assumed that there must be some sort of attraction going on? Sometimes two people talking is just two people talking. No need to read into it.  
Though, to be honest, I will say that the concept is not something I will entirely debunk or say is stupid, because there are relationships that work and people that stay together, this idea just might not work for everyone. In my case, I never considered a relationship, because I felt that I don't need it. I could probably have a good friendship and be just as satisfied. 
Though I honestly have to wonder if anyone else ever thought that way and was taken seriously. 


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