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Days Go By, I'm Hypnotized, I'm Walking on a Wire

I Close My Eyes and Fly Out of My Mind Into the Fire

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a monster in paris, aladdin, arashi no yoru ni, bazil broketail, beetlejuice, blue dragon ral grad, bolo!, bots master, brave police j-decker, corneil and bernie, daigunder, deadpool, digimon, dragon rider, dragonheart, dragonlance[draconians], elvenbane, elvenborn, extreme dinosaurs, fahrenheit 451, fhfif, freakazoid, gargoyles, ghostbusters, godzilla, harry potter, hellboy, hellsing ultimate, jane and the dragon, lilo and stitch, macbeth, megaman nt warrior, merlin, mst3k, mulan, mushishi, near everything, pokemon, project gkr, road rovers, scooby doo, sdmi, seven little monsters, sitting ducks, soul eater, spawn, speed buggy, talespin, temeraire, the dresden files, the hogfather, the last dragon chronicles, the mask, the reaper man, tim: defender of the universe, tmnt, transformers, tv tropes, twelfth night, v for vendetta, walking with dinosaurs, we're back! a dinosaur's story, wings of fire, wonderful wizard of oz, you are umasou, young justice, z-apocalypse, z-rex, zombie powder
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