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2016-05-27 09:55 pm

Trick's Crew Word Prompts #3

 Back again with five more word prompts from this bunch! If you want to read the others, follow these links! Also, sorry folks, Tully kinda ran away with me on this one, I’m hoping to draw back from her and look more into other characters or character relationships/interactions. Same deal, if you have questions, comments, or critiques, feel free to drop me a line. 

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2016-05-19 02:29 am

Trick’s Crew Writing Prompts #2

Hello again! Been working with how to properly format these in a way that’s easy to read, so I’m trying it out more readily with the next batch of word prompts. Let me know if you have comments, suggestions, concerns, or any feedback at all! This is from the same group as the last batch, with Mallory, Trick, Tully, Sparks, and some other faces that I’m hoping to work more with as time goes on. 

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2016-05-06 03:03 am

Writing Prompts: Trick's Crew #1

 So, yeah, writing. Meet the latest of a very big collection of OCs, guys. These aren’t really chronological, and are basically words that I take and go ‘alright, brain, what comes to mind?’. Generally the main premise is that Mallory, a fourteen-year-old with some long-standing issues, makes a deal with a wandering entity named Trick. The bargain generally stands that if Mallory becomes Trick’s servant/human link/sometimes possess-ee whenever Trick wants to go out and interact with the world more directly, Trick gives Mallory a ‘family’, actually going out of her way to make sure it works out. I was still sort of figuring out characters when writing this so I apologize in advance if this seems a little disjointed. Comments are also appreciated!

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