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Hello again! Been working with how to properly format these in a way that’s easy to read, so I’m trying it out more readily with the next batch of word prompts. Let me know if you have comments, suggestions, concerns, or any feedback at all! This is from the same group as the last batch, with Mallory, Trick, Tully, Sparks, and some other faces that I’m hoping to work more with as time goes on. 

The pair ran through the field, white wolf and bipedal flame as they tried to play an odd give-and-take version of chase. Green curled in waves around his form, and for a moment, they were sparkling lights over a plane of pure jade.

She felt raw, like someone had held her on display somewhere for all to see. Her shoulders hunched and her head turned to the ground. They were going to leave, they knew she was wrong, bad, broken, they knew they knew THEY KNEW–.
And suddenly warm arms encircled from the front, from what she could see of the clothing she knew it was Tully. Another warmth from the side, Nur, followed by a coldness that she had come to recognize as Shant holding back his natural aura to join in on the hug. A smaller pair of arms from the back, Ru, the familiar feeling of Ermir pushing his head under her exposed hand, and rounded off by Karl’s weathered hand on her head.
Mallory crumpled, shielded and ringed by family, and wept.

She eventually picked the Anime club, and though she could tell her parents weren’t particularly enthused, Tully had pointed out to her that they hadn’t specified which club, just any club. It was one problem crossed off her internal list, only to be replaced with about twelve others. The first being that she didn’t know anyone here, and everyone seemed to have grouped or paired off. Not looking great for her, if she just approached they would all be staring…
Suddenly another guy came running into the room, the door slamming loudly behind him and causing everyone to look up at the sound. After a moment, they went back to what they were doing, the boy coming in and immediately dropping his bag at a table right near where Mallory was sitting. He didn’t seem to know anyone either; at least she hadn’t seen him look particularly interested in seeing anyone when he’d come in. He was just sitting at his table, taking out what looked like an electronic tablet and tapping at it with his fingers. After a moment he also got out a small, attachable keyboard and started plugging away at that once he’d gotten it hooked up to the tablet. There was…something odd about the whole thing, something that insisted she look closer and try to figure this out.
And from the angle she was sitting, she saw something flicker across the screen of the tablet. It was almost too quick to catch, but it caused a prickling itch in her head that was familiar but took her a moment to remember where she’d last felt it.
It had been when she’d first met Trick.

There was a spot by the house that Shant liked to go to whenever it seemed like Karl’s house was getting too suffocating. It was sheltered, hidden by a willow tree and a lot of reeds, and right on the side of a small crick that ran through the property. The greenery and the depression that the crick was in masked the noise from the road, and made it secure enough that he felt comfortable lounging for a few hours without worrying about being seen. On the days when it drizzled the greyness and the seclusion were the perfect combination, making the elemental feel the safest he’d been since he’d lived in the forests of the land in which he was created.

Tully had already had words with Him, and while Trick figured anything else she could say or directly do was a fair amount of redundant overkill, she wasn’t above the occasional bit of trouble. Tully didn’t want anything to do with Him once they’d ‘had words’ after all.
He was certainly having some bad days recently, though, not that many people knew about it. Just odd things, things going missing, small things going wrong, just small, small things that could sometimes snowball. Like his car suddenly suffering from some massive mechanical failures due to a collection of smaller problems that had sprung up seemingly overnight, or the fact that the power in his home was experiencing odd brown-outs due to faulty wiring that meddled with his Internet connection and by extension his job. It wasn’t a constant, and his home itself was never meddled with, but it was enough that it might have put some wariness in His life. Never knew when the next disaster would crop up, after all. And it must have been even more embarrassing given that to the people who had to come in and fix the issues, these were problems that could have been caught early on and fixed with much less time and monetary cost. What could he say, that they just happened? No one would believe him, of course…

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