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 Well, I held out for a week. That's got to show something about character, right?
Orrr, I'm just as sad as I think I am. Either way, let's do this mother-fucking piece. 
At any rate, when trying to figure in this movie and why I'm so bummed that the release date for it has been pushed back to 2015 is to see exactly what I am imagining, or in some cases, what I think could be expanded on in such a movie. The question of the dinosaurs lasting because the meteor didn't hit the Earth has been brought up, in another comic called Neozoic. Namely, in which dinosaurs are spared from extinction and humans have to work to stay alive in a steadily-becoming-hostile world. Given that this concept is intriguing me so much in regards to The Good Dinosaur, it might be a good idea to check this out, though it seems more like the same idea approached from two different angles. The Neozoic comic comes at it more from the humans side, with the dinosaurs being savage beasts that have a go at humans whenever they like, and The Good Dinosaur goes for 'dinos were always there, and humans are the new species' angle. Which is fun in it's own right, given that you'd have to build this new society from the ground up.
Alright, from this point on, I'm assuming you know the general info. These are more theories that I have concerning the background of the world The Good Dinosaur is supposedly based in. Because Lord knows I need to rant about this or my brain will explode trying to wait for the freaking movie to come out. 
The first thing that came to mind when reading the synopsis, the matter of the society the dinosaurs have supposedly built, we notice that it only talks about the plant eaters. What about the carnivores? Wouldn't they have developed as much as the herbivores? Perhaps to the point of forming their own society, though personally I think it'd be more along the lines of a Roman Imperial society, if they ever get around to a civilization. If we're looking at a more hunter-gatherer sort of thing, then I'd be satisfied. However, there's also the matter of feathers vs. scales. Considering that a lot of the raptors were moving closer to the bird-end of the spectrum, supposedly, it would be logical to assume that there would need to be some level of consideration taken in for that. That's more minor curiosity than that of the real issue that's been sitting here, the concept of a human, a modern hominid, homo sapien, all of that, hanging around with a dinosaur. People have been all over this, from statements of 'curious' to ' Flintstones did this already Pixar you horrible studio blah blah blah Cars 2 blah blah blah'.
Alright, firstly, while the Cars franchise and movies are not my favorite, it's not horrible in terms of world-building and characters [Also, I've only seen Cars 1 and Planes. Been trying to see Cars 2 but streaming movies is really, really slow.]. It does create an interesting and colorful world and some colorful characters for us to look at. To be honest, what screwed that franchise entirely up in terms of fandom is how it came on the heels of the Incredibles, something that everyone loved because of its story, the characters, and the animation. I like it myself, but when I watched it I was in what was to be honest a much more simple time in which I didn't care so much about studios and their long line of movies. There were just movies I liked and ones I didn't like. It was more a matter of my opinion than anything else. And Cars, for its somewhat cliched moments and plot, did have a few moments that stuck out to me, one being when McQueen voluntarily gives up victory in order to make sure The King crosses the finish line. There was barely much dialogue but what was there was well-put and stuck in my mind for a while. Overall, I did like the movie, and I liked Incredibles. They both had good messages and they were both memorable. It also doesn't seem entirely right for me to just take a giant hate-fueled dump on someone's idea just for the sake of 'I am right and you are all wrong' sort of mentality, but more of 'I have an opinion and the right to share it even if you don't agree'. The difference to me between the two is the world that Cars has built up, with wars and history and even intrigue and scandal. It's a very good, multi-layered world, and fun to mentally play with [BTW, Planes is included in this seeing as it's a spin-off]. 
Anyway, going back to The Good Dinosaur, especially the human factor. My theory as to how this is possible is that while the meteor missed the Earth, meaning the dinosaurs never went extinct and loads of climate changes did not happen, there were still changes in climate. This might have made some places uninhabitable for dinosaurs to live, therefore giving mammals some space to evolve a bit, which would include monkeys and other varieties of ape. Besides, just because we say something is impossible doesn't really mean much. Plenty of impossible things happen around us anyhow. Such as how a variety of ape with no tail, no claws or prodigious strength to really speak of, managed to become the top and most widespread species on a planet, despite all of the things that were out to get them. Now that's something that's impossible. 
At any rate, I've noticed that people tend to get up in arms in the comments sections regarding this movie. It's bland, it's illogical, and the newest one, it's promoting creationist ideals. 
Well, this was the first thing on my mind upon reading that last one:

And then I stabbed their eyes out with pencils and stapled their fingers to their keyboards-. No, I just repeated this. Here's a message for all of the people thinking this will be world-resounding in terms of the moral compass. It's a dino movie, guys. Not a brand-new religion. 


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