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 Well, yeah. This week was a terror going in and hopefully a much nicer terror leaving. Making myself stay up late to complete all those papers and workshops was not a fun experience. Even more so because I've been getting the inclination to write again and didn't even have much time for my usual forms of stress relief. I also finally caved and made a journal for one of my newer characters, a nerfed godling/majordomo spirit called Wanderer. There's, loads of crap needing to go into that backstory, though thanks to the added pressure of putting her out on here and making her talk to people [not that it was really difficult] gave me the extra push I needed. It's more or less the getting it down part that's grueling, especially with all of this school-work that everyone seems happy to cram in before Thanksgiving and Christmas, as they're closing the semester down. I guess I should be glad that I feel much better than I did last week or this might actually make staying healthy that much more difficult for me this fall. Long story short, colds are horrible things and I really, really hate mucus now. 
On the other hand, some new additions to the mental muse family I've built over the years, as well as a new hype I've gotten into over the weekend. The Good Dinosaur, or An Untitled Pixar Dinosaur Movie, whatever strikes your fancy. However, this won't be out until November 25th, 2015, nearly two years from now. I've been taking it arguably well. 

Good news is, I haven't taken anyone's life in frustration. Yet. However, I think the people at IMDb would be a little creeped out if they knew how often I was visiting for news. Just a bit. 
Not that I blame Pixar, really, I would prefer it if they worked out all of the kinks instead of giving us an unfinished product. That doesn't mean that I'm not a little worried that it will start to disappoint now that I have another year to build it up in my mind. After all, reality will disappoint when compared to what we can imagine. Especially seeing as how everything I imagine ends up with flying for some reason, and I am a dragon reigning jokingly down on the townsfolk for a few laughs when they scatter. 
Though what I would like to see is the footage they supposedly released at the D23 expo in August, didn't care when it happened, so logically it should come back to bite me now, right? Supposedly the stuff was all great, and everyone's been describing it on their blogs, but my brain and the extremely persistent sense of curiosity fused with the thing have been demanding to actually see the footage rather than having it regaled to us in words. One of the curses of being a very visual person I guess, it isn't a spoiler for me unless I've watched the clip itself. I can imagine it all I want, but I would like a taste of the real thing just so I can know what to expect and therefore how high to set those expectations we talked about earlier. All giving me time will do is drum it up to Herculean levels, only to get let down when the film's actually released, sort of like what happened when A Monster In Paris came out. I wound up getting really hyped, and then somewhat let down when I actually managed to see the film itself due to a misplaced idea that the movie was going to mainly focus the monster in question, which didn't really happen. Oh, don't get me wrong, it wasn't horrible by any means, there were some choices I definitely liked over what the fandom was saying, but I had made a preconceived notion about what the movie was supposed to be and then it was shot down. Just what happens when you have time to obsess over something for about a few months, making me honestly wonder what I'll do with a little over two years to think and drum this up in my head. Probably get right up there to it being equal to Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Abraham if my luck with these things is any indication. Also, I will have graduated by the time this movie comes out. I don't know how that fact makes me feel, if I discount the immediate thought that this will suck all of the enjoyment out of my life for a bit. 
Moving onto a slightly less depressing topic, I've been touching on religion a lot in my private life due to the fact that I've been taking a World Religions class this semester, which I at first thought would be somewhat repetitive seeing as it was only going to be on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. However, if I thought the class was going to be dull, I was sorely disappointed. Especially after the video we saw on the Muslim pilgrimage today. Though I can't say I knew a lot about Islam before going into this, I was somewhat surprised by all of the work that the believers put into their practices, and it's interesting how much emphasis is put on retracing the steps of the older figures in their religious history. Even if I'm not one for really adhering to one religion over another, I can appreciate the emotions and care that go into them as much as the next person. 
Till next time!

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