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 Bleh for today. Just bleh. Studying for tests, who does them, especially when the lower half of your body gives to occasional pained yank. Not enough for me to feel it's necessary taking an Advil, especially given the puking episode I had last month. Kinda weird though the way the body works, what with red-hot poker pain and nausea one month and raging anger and mild cramps the next. And when I was going from watching campy Filmation's Ghostbusters to bloody and no-kill-like-overkill Hellsing Ultimate, I'm thinking 'yes, subconscious, I know what will be happening in a week'. And when it happens I feel pretty damn bad for anyone that has to deal with me during that week.

The above picture would be a pretty good representation. And that's all I have for today, leave me to my Robin Williams and quiet contemplation of how much I wish I could be completely sedated for the next couple of days. Dammit, body, you're a sucky roommate. XP


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