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Yep, back into the grind for college this year. Though when considering the different issues and problems that came up regarding my place, I think the school itself was having issues with taking me back as well. 
Oh well, on with the year and on with the various issues that I'm starting to have with things. Like the new laptop. It's fun, the new design is interesting, but I think there are a few software bugs that should have been worked out in production and not months later. Like the fact that the mousepad and little nub needed some constant maintenance after I got it in late July. Mostly issues with software integration but I digress. The nice thing though is that I might be able to make some pretty kickass icons given it's a tablet. Some I'll keep, but definitely going to get rid of some of the decidedly aged ones. 
What seems to have grabbed my brainmeats in a two-handed grip is what is considered to be adult-like in terms of traits or level of maturity, though maturity in and of itself seems to be a pretty flimsy word to use given no one can quite pin down what that means either. Sometimes it's the number of people you've managed to fuck in a night of heavy drinking and weed, and other times it's how stoic and calm you can be after your world has crumbled down around you and when most psychologist would say that it would be mentally unstable to hold this rigid grip on your emotions for much longer. 
To be honest, when I think of adulthood and what would constitute as maturity, I think of someone who is somewhat knowledgeable, acknowledges that they are not the next philosophical Praia. Someone who is comfortable in their own skin but willing to listen to what other people have to say, consider it's value and give it a proper send off. Polite, but not altogether willing to just hand out their stamp of approval. Be passionate about what you like, but not closed off to new things, I guess would be the simple way of saying. And  that's not to say this person would never get into arguments, because if we're also considering the fact that people have varying forms of morality, then certain things are going to be disputed on and argued over. 'S just the way certain things are. In fact, there are three things that without a doubt I can say shouldn't be brought up in conversation unless you either know the person very well or are willing to start one hell of a fight and need to disown a couple friends or family; politics, religion, and general concepts of being social or living in society, though the last one can be disputed some like grown adults. Though parents are often more than happy to drill the concept of adulthood into their children's heads when their young. Boys are supposed to by strong slabs of muscle that barely show any sort emotion and those that do are 'pussies'. They also ignore most forms of pain and anyone that goes and tries to tell people about it, they're labeled as complainers or whiners. ["Yeah, your leg might be busted and you're bleeding from all available orifices but man up you pussy, I don't wanna hear your whining."] Makes the whole idea of emotions seem wrong for men, even though it can be proven that all people experience emotion at least at some point in their life. And don't even get me started on girls. Girls are meant to be caked in all kinds of materials and creams, to make them look pretty, get them married off and become breeding mares. Sometimes. Girls' roles have been changing recently. Though there's still a lot of people that would be more happy and still have it programmed into their brains that no means yes and please leave me alone means take me into the back bedroom and lock the door. It's even considered shameful if a girl goes and sleeps with a bunch of guys under her own volition. Men are celebrated for it, women are labeled as whores or sluts. Even a guy that is shamelessly deviant has to have the label of 'whore' changed somewhat. They're called man-whores. They don't get a special word just for them, they have a slightly tweaked version. Most often though, they're called pimps, something that is morally objected to but celebrated among some. Still, girls are supposed to be prime and pristine, skirts, makeup, and more crazy shoes then they know what to do with. Guess it's not much different then my collection of snarky and poignant pin buttons, but you can carry those around with you most of the time. Shoes are more difficult, which makes the collecting of them seem a little pointless and needlessly tiring. There's safer and lighter things to collect for sure. 
Though, slightly off topic, the terms of adulthood are people that seem to be adhering to are calm, clean, sometimes wise people that populate the world and make the executive decisions. Or at least they seem to. Most often people are judged by their ability to lead and their success in life. And the concept of success is again dictated by the society; the number of cars you have, your piles of money, and the number of people you've screwed in all forms of the word. At least, to some majority. So, considering all of this, the various ideas that are funneled into your head at birth, people trying to give you their own ideas  to pass on their own ideological stamp, the organizations that attempt to do the same, how does one become and remain an individual?


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