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 Time's a funny thing, innit? Here I wanted the summer to come, and it's already part of the way over for me [not to mention the everloving anxiety dreams concerning moving into new housing next year, people how do I deal with you?]. Aside from getting a new computer, one of the new Windows 8 which isn't as bad as I originally thought, I've been writing, websurfing, playing Pokemon and Minecraft, as well as getting out, taking walks, and going to the beach. Also having fun with family, one of the all-important things that happens in August. 
Well, that aside, finally got moving on some of my personal ideas in my fictionpress account, the Spotlight series, which is when I take one of the story ideas I've been working on for the past couple of years and put three chapters or short stories up as a sort of snapshot-esque view of what the world or the characters are supposed to be about. Often enough, these are origin chapters or introductory pieces for certain characters. It makes having to explain things much easier. On a similar note, I've been putting some thought into self-publishing some of my ideas. I know Amazon offers the option, and several people on Fanfiction, particularly the group that read OSoTL, have said that they would buy the chapters if they were published, or asked me if I have. And this is just from fanfictions!
[Though my Writer's Code of Honor forbids me from trying to make a quick buck from it, after all, it's someone else's idea, not mine.]
Hopefully with my next chapters in OSoTL and Dimensionally Displaced [And Monster Nephew, I haven't forgotten you.], I'll get some folks that could look it over and give me their two cents. 'Course, it definitely could stand improvement, but other eyes help to pick out the trouble spots. 


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