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 Goddamnit why did my first entry draft get deleted that one was so much better than this crap fffff----
At any rate, things've been busy. Alright, but busy. Especially in the realm of where real life is concerned seeing as my entire walk to work has been invaded by cicadas. And, to be honest, I don't care if their benign or not, they still can creep the hell out of me. Especially with all of their molting and dead bodies, not so much fun that. Aside from that, though, everything's wonderful, with loads of personal time and TV to keep my mind preoccupied. Not to mention, I've been trying to put in some work for my fanfiction projects over the summer while my time is open. With a few new additions, some of the others that are also being updated are Orphan School of Tough Learning, Dimensionally Displaced, and Monster Nephew. Surprisingly, I've been getting a few reviews that are actually asking me to continue, something that surprised me seeing as I was originally under the impression that The Godzilla Power Hour was like the remains of Tokyo under Godzilla's foot in his first movie, especially seeing as there are plenty of people out there that dislike the series for a multitude of things, particularly the character Godzooky. While I can understand where they are coming from when people consider him to be 'too goofy' for the franchise, but then again, this is a kid's show from the seventies, so chances are it won't quite hold up to the grim and often gritty reality of kaiju monsters. But there is always the realm of fanfiction and fanart, in which previously goofy or silly ideas can be turned into the most gritty or realistic archetypes with a little bit of thought and effort. I dunno, I guess I'm just happy that I'm not the only one that sees potential in this. 
As for the rest of my creative effort, it's been going into my Spotlight stories, which I hope to have up soon, and a couple new shows that I've been seeing around the Net recently; The Zeta Project, Dude That's My Ghost, and attempting to keep up with TMNT 2012 despite it's seemingly deliberate attempts to scar me for life. Thankfully this sort of attitude only happens once every so often and not every episode. Such as Cockroach Terminator and Pulverizer Returns, though I'm pretty sure the latter was a large chunk of nightmare fuel for all involved, given the trip down into Uncanny-and-Nightmarishly-Freaky-Valley at the end. Though the first was in retrospect, not the best thing to watch seeing as a lot of bugs tend to take on the white-with-soulless-black-eyes look when they first molt. Like cicadas. 
At any rate, the other shows do seem to take on the more intriguing ways of capturing my interest. Project Zeta resembles my own story Life As A Budding Sentient in that the main character, a robotic assassin that manages to become self-aware, tries to prove his humanity to the people tasked with taking him in, except a lot less nightmare fuel plots due to the fact that my antagonist is steadily evolving from a slightly deranged yet passionate government man into a full-blown manipulative psychopath. 
Dude That's My Ghost is one of the rare examples in a show that I am not able to rightly define what makes me keep coming back to it like a junkie on a new potent fix, but it didn't stop me from trying, or thinking up potential fanfiction. Basically the premise of the show is the relationship between a fourteen-year-old boy named Spencer and the ghost of his mother's cousin [I think?] Billy Joe Cobra, who was a superstar rock singer when he was alive. Though Spencer wants to be on the up and up with the rest of his classmates, all of which are the children of the successful and rich citizens of the town. Of course, given Billy's sort of cloudcuckoolander nature, this can tend to go awry, which results in them having to fix it, and blah-de-blah. Though the funny thing is when watching this is that I can say that it's not a bad cartoon. It has moments like in Rescue Bots when despite the demographic, certain jokes tend to hit home for the older audiences a lot more than the younger ones. Not to mention the characters, while all being comedic and slightly exaggerated, do have reasonable flaws, such as Billy's narcissism or Spencer's lack of knowledge when it comes to people/society. Neither of them are outright stupid, but they each have their own brand of smarts, such as Billy's lack of street smarts in comparison to his almost impeccable book smarts [though having ghost powers certainly helps] or almost vice-versa when it comes to Spencer. However, the plots are one-an-episode and some of them are borderline ridiculous in nature. Yet there are rather intriguing diamonds in the muck that make me want to sift through it, because if it's not the characters, some facts are interesting to play with, such as the ectoplasm and the fact that Billy or any other ghost can be seen clearly by anyone if the person is wearing their clothes or other possessions, such as jewelry or accessories. However, this can be bypassed in ways they haven't explained. I get the feeling that the reason that ghosts can do so much is because they use their own ectoplasm as a battery, and performing feats such as making themselves visible, 'ectobombs', and other feats use up a little bit of it every time when their powers are used. How much depends on time and experience with the ability, perhaps. [See, possible basis for a fanfiction with none of this shipping nonsense, nyah.] Either way, expect some activity on this front in the future. 
Now, treading old ground here on another topic in a slightly different direction: journal roleplaying. For those of you that just got to Dreamwidth, Livejournal, or any other media site in which people can send comments back and forth to one another, roleplaying on the Internet means that a person can play as a character in their favorite movie, TV show, book, or even from their own head, in different scenarios or or settings, commonly referred to as memes or games. Granted, with my flaky attitude when it comes to sticking with characters, I probably won't be heading towards any games with anyone, though places like [community profile] dear_mun might be a good place to start off and go from there. I guess the only concern I have is that the one muse(s) that I want to play around with are the ones that arguably need to stay together on the same account, and even without their additional parties, it's still about 3-4 people in one person, technically [and don't ask me how this works or we'll have to go into a long discussion concerning PLOT and STORY, which may take a little while to get through seeing as I haven't typed up a working and up-to-date copy of their history yet]. Seeing as one of these was the same character that I was worried about being a self-insert, it made sense to try and test it out on other characters that I have no control over and therefore have to answer as my character(s) dictate. If it starts sounding too much like me I go back to the drawing board, rinse, repeat. 
Though that depends a lot on whether or not I can whip up icons that work while remaining inside of the 15 icons only limit. Darn you Dreamwidth and the inability for non-paid accounts to buy more icon spaces....


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