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 Last moment of calm before finals kick in, so I thought I might as well get a post out before then. This last week, been interesting enough with the last paper I had to do being handed in, though there were other reasons. Like that quiz I took telling my I'm aromantic. Explains so much, that. According to another I'm also bisexual, though since aromantic just means you don't feel any sort of romantic inclinations like kissing or cuddling. This does not mean that they are incapable of experiencing sexual attraction, just that it normally can form from deep platonic relationships first. And to those that cry 'that's not possible', to be honest, rule 34 has told us that all sorts of things are possible, and even completely acceptable to people, such as incest, pedophilia, and some of the nastiest sexual shit you will see this side of cyberspace. 
So, would it really be too hard to think of things in reverse, like someone who just isn't keen on sex at all? Just a thought. And before anyone asks, no, asexual does not mean a person reproduces by budding or splitting in half. Plants and single-celled organisms do that, not people. 
Though this will not be just a rant on sexual preferences, as there is something else I feel like sharing. Anyone ever donate for one of those hunger drives or something, whether it be food, money, or miscellaneous supplies?
There was one such drive outside of the hallway my class was in last week. Pretty much all we had to do was give at least three pennies, as it would feed a child in Africa for a day, or something along those lines. I didn't really think much of giving them ever penny I had in my wallet, which was about a handful at best. There's also the fact that pennies really don't get you very far around here anymore. Vending machines won't take them, they just sort of take up space in your wallet. If anything, getting rid of them and being able to do some good with them was one of the better ways they could be used. Kinda didn't really sink in that I'd just handed away a slew of the things until one of the supervisors actually came over to personally thank me, hand me a flyer, and give me a hug. 
Kinda weird, but in a nice way. 
At any rate, aside from getting a burn on my writing hand and the upcoming exams, I'd say things are good. 
Till later. 


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