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 Welp, still in the throes of the final point of the semester in which people attempt to put out as much work as possible, sleep and eating be damned and denied to the point of nonexistence; last night actually being the best sleep I've had all week given it was the first time I went to bed before twelve. The rest of the week was used to write out a paper for one of my English courses. I'm honestly still not sure if I regret it or not, especially since that was the rough draft. And not to mention I need to write a speech, and get going with another paper over the weekend. I can sort of understand my computer's problem with it's cooling fan, at any rate. Yet, there's good stuff going on; birthday in the family, for one. Hopefully I can ignore things on Saturday for a bit in order to celebrate that...
Not to mention, I get the feeling my own brain is not at all pleased with this, especially when it runs off with the plot bunnies and running through different ideas. Where was this mental enthusiasm when I actually wanted to figure through this stuff?

Brain technical issues aside, things aren't so bad, 'specially since all the work vs. all the forced day-dreaming has been keeping me from getting overly wound up emotionally [traded it for getting wound up due to schoolwork, aren't I lucky?] about other things. Like that partial freak-out in the last post. Also, you may have noticed that there is a new icon in the little square next to this post. That's right, went ahead and designed the darn things, though I had to get rid of Photoshop because it kept having a seizure whenever I tried to use it. And in the act of getting rid of it, I remembered another program that I had seen around the Internet back in high school, GIMP, which in some ways is actually better to use than Photoshop. 
At any rate, back into the academic fray. Wish me luck.
...No really, I might not be coming back sane. WISH ME LUCK, DAMMIT. 
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