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Yeah, why am I writing crap now when I have like fifty things to get done. GDI, Brain. 
Anyhow, it's crunch time, when every teacher takes a week or month to just unload work on you. It's also coincidentally that time as a writer when literally every muse I've ever had for the past five years or more comes in and starts going off. And plot bunny attacks. Don't forget the plot bunny attacks. I wouldn't be too surprised if this was my way of coping with this extra work; would make sense given how much it happens. I think they call it maladaptive daydreaming, but I digress. 
I've also been thinking about buying extra icons for this account, though I'm not sure if I will actually be able to use them given that this is still a free account, not a paid or plus account. If anyone actually reads this, think you could answer?
And in a similar vein, I've been hoping to draw more icons, when this shitstorm finally calms down. 
Easter was somewhat...interesting in that I was the only living thing in the house sans our cat and our fish, as everyone else headed off to the great unknown for their vacation, which extended at least two weeks longer than mine, part of the reason being why I couldn't go. It was actually utterly surreal to sit at home, in the completely quiet house, and play Minecraft for hours and hours with no one interrupting you sans the cat who just wants a friendly ear rub. My village got a lot of expansion that day, as well as my house, so I can't say the day was completely wasted. 
The entire experience was harrowing though for a few different reasons, one being that the cat and I were never particularly close since I started getting the 'playful' treatment from him whenever I picked him up and attempted to put him down. Which was pretty much validated when my leg got a similar treatment when I had to leave to go back to school once the weekend was over. I know people love cats and all, I just don't think I would have one as a pet, or really any other animal for that matter. Trust me, I will be the first to help out an animal, say they're cute, but keeping them would seem like trying to hold onto a child that doesn't speak English. One that can claw and bite you. 

At any rate, I gotta get back to work. See you all.


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