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 Pretty much been trying to surmount the ever-imposing ideas behind getting an RP journal for some of the characters I have knocking around in my brain [because it's easier than thinking about school and such, why can't I still be on vacation?]. Problem is for some, it's a little hard to tell if they're just really fleshed out self-inserts or characters themselves. But then I got to thinking, every author tends to use aspects or traits that they are familiar with when creating characters, and there's no better template than oneself. I mean, even  the titular characters of Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy were admitted to be aspects of the creator. However, there is also some degree of playacting when writing a character. If you have a brash, outgoing character while your author may be a quiet introvert. This could be the author going out of their personal comfort box, or a n image they wish they could be. For instance if someone lacks confidence, their ideal persona could be a confident, can-do sort of hero, one that gets the girl, saves the day, or not. Depends on what you see as a good thing in a hero [Or a villain, antihero, all that good stuff]. 
At any rate, does that mean that the author is playacting, enjoying a hidden fantasy, or acting out a part of their own personality? And in a more specific case, specifically the one mentioned at the top, would that be that I'm playing out a part of my personality, or internally getting a little too into character? Is my personality the character? Am I really the character, or is the character me? Or am I the character?! Maybe NONE OF IT IS REAL?!!!!

All joking aside, I guess the best way to tell a self-insert from an actual character, though the lines can blur, is to take one of those questionnaires and try to fill it out, giving the character traits that don't all fall in line with yours. And there was that one quiz that I saw floating around the internet somewhere, but I tend not to put much stock in quizzes for much sans some good entertainment. Especially when it gets to the point where you can predict which answers lead you to which outcomes. 
And considering now that it's about 2 AM, I'm pulling out for the evening. Till morning, all.
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